March 17, 2022

Ed Gershowitz Joins Snorble as Chief Revenue Officer & Executive Vice President of Sales

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2022 – Veteran sales executive Ed Gershowitz has become the latest addition to Snorble Inc as the innovative startup prepares to make its flagship engaging and intelligent buddy available to families later this year.
The former President of Hornby America and Carrera of America boasts more than 40 years of experience in the retail sales trade and joins Snorble as Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales. The seasoned Gershowitz has also held executive positions with Hasbro, Tyco Toys, and Hedstrom Outdoor Toys. 
“Blending natural language processing and AI with an animated character is a hot-button category that many people are looking at, and I was blown away with how Snorble has achieved that and the potential for this to explode onto the scene,” said Ed.
“Being part of the toy industry, I have sold everything from Barbie and Hot Wheels to GI Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony, and have had the opportunity to see every advancement in the industry during the past 40 years. I look at Snorble as being legitimately the next big thing and have been blown away by the AI platform and everything that screams innovation.
“Unlike toys that have a shelf life based on a child’s age, Snorble will grow with the child and it’s an amazing product. When I was asked to join the all-star team that has been developing Snorble, I couldn’t say no.”
Snorble CEO and co-founder Mike Rizkalla added: “We are excited to have Ed join our band of revolutionaries and misfits. We are thrilled to benefit from his leadership and guidance and are looking forward to disrupting this space.”
Ed bolsters an innovative team that already includes proven leaders in animation, storytelling, child development, product engineering, voice recognition, AI, and design, which will launch Snorble later this year. 
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About Snorble:
The flagship Snorble product is an engaging and intelligent buddy that helps children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines. By blending proprietary natural language processing and AI with an animated character, Snorble creates an experience for families that has never been seen before. For more information about the company and its products,