July 08, 2022

Snorble® Ventures out into the World for the First Time at the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite

Snorble®, an engaging and intelligent buddy that helps children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines, will venture out into the world for the first time at Sweet Suite at Pier Sixty in New York City.
Hosted by the Toy Insider, Sweet Suite is a legendary toy party for members of the press and top-tier digital influencers. At Sweet Suite 2022 on Wednesday, July 13, guests will get up close and personal with the coolest new toys, collectibles, video games, and more from popular toy companies.
So, naturally, Snorble will be there!
Snorble co-founder and CEO Mike Rizkalla will provide a demonstration as Snorble performs a series of educational activities, fun games, songs, storytelling, animal impressions and a bedtime winddown routine. Attendees can snap a selfie with Snorble, get their hands on some cool giveaways, and enter a competition to win a Snorble. 
“We’re looking forward to delighting the guests who attend Sweet Suite as we take our first public steps into the toy industry and educational space,” said Mike Rizkalla. “We see Snorble eventually making their way into every home and classroom across the world. Our smart companion will provide the blueprints for parents and caregivers to foster development for children everywhere.”
The following day, Thursday, July 14, Snorble will meet a second group of invited media and influencers online at Sweet Suite Virtual Day.
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